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Carlos Praia

Carlos Praia

Carlos Praia is currently one of the most sought-after Angolan guitarists, although he studied and teaches jazz, he plays from Gospel to Latin, to African styles, classical, you mention it and he lays it down on your project, he continually influences young musicians to work on their craft and keep improving daily, through workshops, music classes, and YouTube videos with tips for musicians and his most recent project "Olombombo". Follow Carlos Praia on YouTube and stay tuned.

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TV and Radio program created, hosted, directed and produced by Carlos Praia. Olombombo means "Roots" in Umbundo ( One of the Angolan dialets ).

The Concept: Carlos Praia invites artists to his music school and the talk about the ir trajectory, everything from rehearsals to gigs experience, composition, awards etc , and throught the session they do live performances.

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New Single

Check out the new single produced by Carlos Praia

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New Grace

Debut Album

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Carlos Praia

Carlos Praia is an amazing guitarist who draws inspiration from Jehovah-God and everything that happens in and around him. With every performance, Carlos seeks to move you, to lift you, to fill you with profound joy. His innovative compositions and arrangements blend latin, jazz, soul, and pop sensibilities, but are always rooted in gospel, Carlos’ first musical love.

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Want to learn more about Carlos Praia, music lessons, his music tour dates? Get in touch.

Luanda - via expressa

+244 923 309 133

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