CDs released


A Yehova

Carlos Praia & Delnata Praia

This is a Carlos Praia's most recent CD work, was released July 2022. A Yehova  features Carlos's wife Delnata Praia, in this classic of the Angolan gospel music "A Yehova" in Umbundo dialet, basically talking about the greatness of God. Carlos and Delnata also known as Casal Harmonia, are working on their first album, and should be released anytime soon.

New Grace

Carlos Praia- Debut Album

An Amazing work of art released on September 2018. All 10 tracks were composed, arranged and produced by Carlos Praia; A beautiful journey throught the fields of Ragtime, Rhumba, Bolero, Fado, Bossa Nova and tasty ballads, all played by guitars alone. The album is available on its phisical form and also in every online platform.